Guide to Buying a Monitor

Monitor is one of the crucial components of any computer. Without monitor, a computer is incomplete. It is component that you use to work on basically on.

Around a decade or so ago buying a monitor wasn’t too difficult. There was only one VGA display connectivity option that was standard everywhere. Almost all of the monitor were CRT monitor so you did not have much to worry about.

That has changed a lot in the past few years. With so many different panel types such as IPS panel, TN and VA panel, the choice is so vast. There are so many brands with their different types monitor. Some are expensive while others are dirt cheap. Some are built for professional work while others are professional gaming monitor. The choice is huge and almost endless. So there are few things that you should know in order to make your search simpler.

The first and foremost important thing is the screen size. The norm generally is 24 inch these days. The next thing which panel type you want. TN and IPS panels cost almost the same. TN is good for gaming while IPS is better if you appreciate colors. VA panels are expensive and also rare but they are like a bridge between TN and IPS panels.

There are other points to note like response time. A response time of 7 ms is generally considered to be ok. The faster the response time, the less will be annoying ghosting effect. Low response time is generally regarded as an important consideration by gamers.

Refresh rate is increasingly becoming popular nowadays due to so many different monitors surfacing. Conventional monitors have 60Hz refresh rate. The more expensive monitors nowadays can feature refresh rate of upto 144 Hz. The faster the refresh the better will be your visual experience.

Bezel of the monitor is important if you deciding whether to have a multiple monitor setup or not. VESA mounting holes is important if you are planning on either putting the monitor on the wall on separate stands.

This is just a very quick look at the monitor buying guide.


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